About Us
In 2007, we started making apps on the facebook platform. Before we knew it, we were building games that passionate people would continue playing for years. We love making games that you lose sleep over.
Featured Games
Play Bingo like never before! Bingo Shootout puts 60 seconds on the clock and it's your job to get as many Bingos as possible. Earn points for each correct mark and increase your score multiplier with each Bingo! Challenge your friends to see who can set the highest score!
Check out the first live-action bingo game on facebook, played by over 6 million people! Join a community of devoted players who have been playing bingo here for over 4 years! With over 20 rooms and 20 prize stages, you'll have an exciting journey ahead of you!
Complete in a weekly competition for most coins won! Super Slot Machines offers over 25 levels and 90 different slot machines to unlock and progress through.